Moksha to Venkanna

The second Digvijaya Yatra had begun and there was a fellow traveller in the entourage named Venkanna, an avid devotee of Guru Sri Raghavendra. Each time the Guru asked what Venkanna wanted, Venkanna would say only one word, "Moksha..." drawing laughter from everyone around. But, only the Guru knew that Venkanna was ready for Moksha.

One day, the Guru said, "Venkanna , Today I'll show you the way to Moksha…Prepare yourself." The Guru recited the Beejakshara and asked him to jump into the ritualistic fire pit. Chanting the name of the Lord, Venkanna gleefully jumped in and within seconds, a Vimaana (Heavenly Aircraft) escorted him to the skies. There was a shower of flowers from the skies and the whole qentourage celebrated the divinity of the Guru.

A fistful of holy mud

Another ardent disciple of the Guru was Ramachandra, a simpleton who knew nothing but service to Guru. He expressed the desire to get married and the Guru gave him a fistful of holy mud. Taking if with all devotion, he started to his hometown which was a couple of nights walk away.

As night fell, he decided to relax on the frontyard of some house in the neighbouring village. In the middle of the night, a Brahmarakshasa (Demon) appeared in front of him. On asking who the demon was and what it wanted, the Brahmarakshasa said that he wanted to consume the infant inside the house. Shocked on hearing this, Ramachandra remembered Guru Raghavendra and threw the Holy mud on the demon. The Holy mud (mrutthike) reduced the Brahmarakshasa to ashes.

The Lord of the house not only thanked Ramachandra for saving the infant’s life but also got him married into his family as everybody sang laurels of Guru Sri Raghavendra.

Desai's little boy

Another ardent disciple of the Guru was Ramachandra, a simpleton who knew Guru Sri Raghavendra stays in the city of Gadag for a while and a devotee of the Guru named Desai invites Guru to his home for a Pooja. In the kitchen of Desai, a wide variety of delicacies are prepared out of which, the pulpy mango pudding is the favorite of Desai’s adolescent son — The mango pudding is prepared in a huge vessel waiting to be distributed among people.

As the pooja began, people started concentrating on the Guru and his devotional rituals. Back in the kitchen, Desai's son was trying to reach the mango pudding contained in a vessel much bigger than him. As everybody gets more involved in the pooja, the kid slaps and falls down into the vessel.

The parents, on discovering their lifeless son in the huge vessel decide to stay silent till the Pooja gets over but, the Guru gets to know and asks the couple to bring the boy. Invoking Sri Krishna, he sprinkles some holy water on the child, the child wakes up from death to life as if he as just in deep slumber.

Desai, his wife and the whole gathering are moved to tears.
Jaya Jaya guru Raghavendra!

Garuda Naga and Nawab's son

Travelling further, Guru Sri Raghavendra reaches Hubbali. The entourage stops at a cemetery for relaxation. There, The Guru sees a particular tomb — A new tomb in which rests the royal son of Savanur’s Nawab, bitten by a venomous Snake. The Guru calls the saddened soldiers and says, "The boy’s life can be revived, take the body out of the grave." All the members including the Nawab himself takes the corpse out.

Guru Sri Raghavendra then invokes Garudadeva by chanting the Holy Garudamantra.
Within minutes the snake comes and draws back the venom, Nawab’s son comes back to life and bows down to the glory of Guru Sri Raghavendra Teertha.

Sprouting a new life

The glory of Guru Sri Raghavendra had spread across horizons. A brahmin had arrived from a village called Shirasangi with a concern that the Head of the village, Desai was disrespecting dharma and rituals.
To build trust in the power of mantras, the Guru started to Shirasangi and met the Desai who put forth a challenge, "This is an Onake (Indian wooden pestle) and if your mantras can spring life on this, I will believe in mantrashakti..."
The Guru then kept the pestle in a nearby shrine and started chanting mantras for days energizing the pestle by sprinkling holy water over it. On the fourth day, the pestle sprouted green. On the sixth day, a leaf sprang into life and on the seventh day, a flower bloomed on the pestle. Desai bowed down to the Guru in remorse as the Guru blessed Desai’s family and the village.

Moksha to Kanakadasa

When the Guru was observing Chaturmasya, a man constantly stood outside the shrine. The Guru realized that this was the great Kanakadasa who was born again awaiting Moksha (Salvation).
The Guru performed the pooja of Sri Moolarama and offered the prasada to Kanaka. In the presence of a few blessed devotees, Kanaka departed to Vaikunta on a Godly Vimana.

The Legend of Diwan Venkanna

Siddi Masood Khan ruled the city of Adoni. On his conquest, he received a couple of letters. He could barely decipher the language and nobody around could as well. He sighted a shepherd nearby and asked him to read the complex letters. Venkanna was an illiterate man living a simple life, he was shocked at the command of the king.
In fear, all he could remember was Guru Sri Raghavendra — The very next moment, he fluently started reading the letter even without his own knowledge.

The letter brought great news to King Khan, the elated King employed Venkanna and by the grace of the Guru, the illiterate Venkanna became the Chief minister and came to be known as Diwan Venkanna.