About Us

Rajani Thursday Stories aims to tell the stories of Sri Raghavendra Swamy and all great Gurus who have contributed selflessly and immensely to the greater good of society.
Rajani Thursday Stories is an initiative by Smt.Rajani Balakrishna and Sri.Balakrishna B.S to make sure that the knowledge of our great past is known to every single person in the country.
Sri.Balakrishna B.S is one of the founders of ABS Aircon Engineers - A leading HVAC contractor and a subsidary of Fujitsu General Limited, Japan.
Being great devotees and followers of Guru Raghavedra's principles, Smt & Sri.Balakrishna have founded "RTS" to bring about this knowledge gain through various forms of media like visual story books, audio books, videos and more.

The description and the paintings of Raghavendra Swamy have been dervied from "Kaliyuga Kalpataru", an authentic source of information written by Sri.Gururajacharya, one of the descendants of Sri Raghavendra Swamy's lineage.

The entire art work is hand painted by Sri.Jagadish Gopal Rao who is a prolific artist and very well known in the religious art community. His imagery about Sri Raghavendra is highly venerated amongst the connoisseurs of art. He is self taught and his work has been exhibited in multiple venues and has been featured in magazines and newspapers. He weaves magic with his paintbrush and dedicates his art to the service of the Lord.

Sri.Balakrishna B.S
Sri.Jagadish Gopal Rao

For further information, you can reach us at rajanithursdaystories@gmail.com